Willows Pools Penkridge – Rules & Directions

This weeks match is on the spring Pool at The Willows Fishery. For new members that have not fished it before the venue impose a few restrictions  not allowing pellets, bread or any floating baits and no feeder/ledgering methods. Having said that the carp tend to be in the 5lb plus bracket and on a good day the winning weight can be well over the 100lb mark.

The first time it can be a little difficult to find so here are some directions:

  1. As you come into Penkridge on the A449 from Stafford you will see a black & white Tudor style pub (The White Hart) on the left – turn right into Pinfold lane.
  2. Go under the railway bridge, round over the river bridge and keep following the winding road for maybe a couple of miles up to the swan pub (on your right)
  3. Just past the swan pub turn left, follow winding lane carefully for about half to two thirds of a mile
  4. The fishery is on your right. The entrance is a simple farm gate immediately after Bank House farm Kennels

Postcode for the Sat Nav is ST19 5QJ (Bickford, Penkridge,)

Look forward to seeing you all bright and early on Sunday


Any new anglers that would like to be our guest at the next match, you need only pay the £10 peg fee for your first time with us; before deciding whether to join the club. (£16 P.A membership)


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